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If you want to make changes in your life I can help you.
Hypnotherapy can help you reach your full potential. It can help you cope with life challenges, overcome self-limiting beliefs, phobias, kick unwanted habits, and improve your motivation. Hypnotherapy can help you relax more easily, reduce your stress levels, improve your confidence, and empower you to move forward toward your goals. Long recognised by the medical profession for its effectiveness in pain management, hypnotherapy can also help you prepare for a successful medical or dental procedures and assist with recovery. In short, hypnotherapy can be a valuable tool for claiming your health, well-being and success in life.

Hypnotherapy’s success depends not only the therapist, but also on the client. Hypnotherapy is most successful when therapist and client work together collaboratively to achieve the client’s goals. It is not magic. It requires you to take an active role. How can you decide if hypnotherapy might be beneficial for you? Learn a bit more about hypnotherapy by browsing this website, and contact me to make an appointment for a free, initial 30-minute consultation.
During our conversation, I will ask questions and consider your responses to help you decide if hypnotherapy and the other techniques will be effective for you. If I think not, I will recommend another therapy or practitioner. One way or the other, you will leave the free, initial consultation with more information, a better understanding of hypnotherapy, and a clear sense of your next step.
Should you and I decide that hypnotherapy is a good way to address your concerns, I may provide you with some additional tools — instruction in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or mindfulness techniques — to use in between and after our sessions to help you maintain the positive changes in attitude and behavior you have made.
How many sessions will you need? Typically, hypnotherapy helps clients to realise their goals in as few as three to six sessions. This, too, is something we can discuss in the free, initial consultation.
Flexible appointments are always available to you, including Saturdays and evenings to fit around busy schedules. On weekdays, you can make an appointment from 8 am until 7 pm, and on Saturdays, from 8:30 am until 1 pm. Under certain circumstances, home visits can be made by special arrangement.
My office is located in the Amberside Well-being Therapy Centre near Pentrich Derbyshire, close to Crich, Belper, Alfreton, Matlock, Ripley and within easy reach of Derby and Nottingham. Visit the website here : http://ambersidewellbeing.co.uk/
I also work at the Bridge Centre for Natural Health in Mickleover, Derby.

If you have more questions or wouls like to talk about how I can help you please get in touch.
Best wishes